VIVE Seltzer began as a simple idea. An idea to create a beer-alternative that would inspire, motivate and stir a shift in the way we move. A beverage that would lift us up and encourage an active lifestyle. Something light, crisp, refreshing, and not too heavy. After more than a year of experimentation, VIVE Hard Seltzer was born.

All Natural. All Local.

That means no artificial sweeteners and real fruit for the freshest possible spiked sparkling water. Crafted Locally by Braxton Brewing Company, VIVE is Cincinnati’s first local hard seltzer.

VIVE Hard Seltzer is made for dreamers and for achievers. It’s made for those who look for a better-for-you feeling. VIVE Hard Seltzer is for anyone AND everyone. We live for the rush. We live for the challenge. We live for the fun. Live your life with VIVE Hard Seltzer, a spiked sparkling water that lets you enjoy your downtime without slowing you down.

The first locally crafted hard seltzer comes in 8 refreshing flavors. It's easy to drink, it's gluten free, and all natural with only 100 calories and 2 grams of carbs, it's the perfect drink to help you live it up - no matter the occasion. Available in cans now!