Hard Seltzer Quality You Can See


When we think about sparkling water or seltzer we think clean, clear and crisp. A product that not only is better for you than beer, but looks better as well. VIVE Hard Seltzer’s opacity is a visual representation of our intentions with the creation of this product - a low calorie, low sugar, gluten free and low carbohydrate beverage made with natural fruit flavors.


A question still remains, how can we determine the quality of our product and do it consistently? Our quality team puts every batch through a chemical and quality test to make sure that each product contains everything it’s supposed to and nothing it’s not. But what you may not know is that each batch of VIVE passes a series of sensory tests before being packaged and shipped out. These tests are done to ensure that the drinking experience of VIVE is excellent every time.

Why do we take so much pride in the way VIVE looks? Well, for one - we didn’t want our better-for-you product coming out of the can looking like the Ohio River… no one wants that! In reality the care we take to ensure VIVE’s good looks is because we believe when you can see the quality in a product, it exemplifies the quality inside all the more apparent.

The next time you pick up a pack of VIVE Hard Seltzer, do us a favor and take a look for yourself. Pour a can over ice, snap a photo and tag us using the hashtags #QualityYouCanSee and #MakeLifeMove. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Aidan Strasser