Who Dey! Hard Seltzer — Introducing the VIVE Tailgate Variety Pack

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In honor of our partnership with the Cincinnati Bengals, we are excited to announce four new tailgate-approved flavors of VIVE Hard Seltzer in our Tailgate Variety Pack. Introducing your new game day go-to’s — Blood Orange, Cherry, Peach, and Black Raspberry! 

Stock your coolers this season with VIVE Hard Seltzer’s brand new, limited edition Tailgate Variety Pack!

As Official Hard Seltzer of the Cincinnati Bengals, the Tailgate Variety Pack will not only have four bold new flavors, it will feature a co-branded variety pack box and a special design on the VIVE Blood Orange cans! Learn more about our new, thirst-quenching flavors and start getting yourself in the tailgate mood.


Tailgate Variety Pack Flavors

VIVE Blood Orange is the star of the show. With the limited edition design, VIVE Blood Orange is the jungle juice you need to get you through any tailgate. Get your hands on this exciting new variety pack and start making life move with the speed of a bengal tiger! 

We often hear around the brewery, “When are you going to have a cherry option?!” Well, you’re in luck this football season! The Tailgate Variety Pack with feature VIVE Cherry — our take on a spiked seltzer classic. Get ready to taste the freshness of all-natural cherry ingredients. 

Peach is an established, fan-favorite hard seltzer flavor. We’re putting a refreshing, low-calorie spin on this popular flavor with all-season enjoyability. Essenced with all-natural flavor, this VIVE Peach comes with a pop of peachy effervescence. 

Rounding out the Tailgate Variety Pack, VIVE Black Raspberry is spiked with the flavor of freshly picked black raspberries. Experience the same thirst quenching quality you’ve come to associate with VIVE with a brand new fizzy twist in black raspberry.

Where to Find the Tailgate Variety Pack

With the football season bearing down, it’s important to know where you can pick up your VIVE Tailgate Variety Pack! Starting later this month, you can find these unique flavors at Kroger and other local retailers throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Area. VIVE Blood Orange and Mango will also be available at Paul Brown Stadium all season long! 

We can’t wait to start fueling your tailgates with the refreshing taste of the VIVE Tailgate Variety Pack. If you have a question about a specific location or the new flavors, please reach out to us directly on any of VIVE’s social media channels!

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Aidan Strasser