Make Life Move with VIVE Hard Seltzer


When our team at Braxton Brewing Company first started running with the idea of creating a beverage that would be more conducive to forming healthier habits, we knew that we were on to something.

In this day and age, when the way we think about taking care of ourselves is constantly changing, and access to information about health and wellness is readily available, it became obvious that we wanted to create a better-for-you beverage that falls in line with this health-conscious way of thinking without completely giving up a good time. The idea we hold tight to is that you shouldn’t have to slow down or skip out on the things you love to achieve your ideal self.

With the Braxton brand revolving heavily around activities and occasions - or as we like to say, “a time and place” - we wanted to cut out the FOMO, and keep that spirit alive with a new line of beverages that would allow you to live it up without slowing you down. This is where we came up with the tagline - Make Life Move.

Making Life Move is a two-fold idea. It stems from a desire to take care of our bodies so we can continue to enjoy all that life has to offer. Movement is a vital part of wellness. Whether that movement comes from athletic activity, yoga, walking, hiking, riding a bike - being in motion is an important facet of a balanced lifestyle. When you “Make Life Move” our vision is that you can enjoy both a bright, active lifestyle and a love of celebration in any time and place.


The challenge that came with this process was creating a beverage that tasted delicious while remaining sessionable, light in caloric content and carbohydrates, and had less added sugar. We experimented with many different beverage categories with the idea of “better for you” in mind, and finally, VIVE Hard Seltzer was born. A beverage that is crafted locally and is light, bubbly, refreshing, 5.0% Alc/Vol, and essenced with real fruit. Not lacking in any area besides calories, carbs, and sugar of course. VIVE was just what we had in mind. A beverage that would allow us to continue to celebrate fantastic occasions while stepping toward individual lifestyle goals.

We’ve made a point to encourage people to pair an active lifestyle with VIVE. Why? We believe that you should be able to enjoy a spiked beverage with less of a guilty feeling. VIVE pairs with an active habits in the sense that it is meant to encourage well-balanced and sensible habits AND enjoyment of occasion. Whether it’s a yoga session, a bike ride, walking, running, swimming, or simply eating better - VIVE is meant to be an accessory to any active and eventful lifestyle.

Pick up VIVE Hard Seltzer in the Braxton Taproom in Covington, or in VIVE retail partners. Let us know what you think! Follow us @viveseltzer and share how you #MakeLifeMove on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.