Without any artificial flavors or sweeteners, VIVE has everything you want in a hard seltzer. Using only the freshest, all natural ingredients, VIVE is crafted simply with your lifestyle in mind. With just 100 calories and 2g carbs - VIVE Hard Seltzer is crisp and refreshing.

The VIVE Original Variety Pack includes Grapefruit, Mango, Dragonfruit, and Lime — all working in harmony to keep up with any lifestyle without slowing you down. And debuting on the field in the Fall of 2019, the VIVE Tailgate Variety Pack includes the flavors Cherry, Blood Orange, Peach, and Black Raspberry.

VIVE use all natural ingredients — that means real fruit and no artificial sweeteners for the freshest possible spiked sparkling water. Find your favorite VIVE Hard Seltzer flavors at local retailers today.